Fearsome Fingers ( 2 Finger Set)


Sexy, Stylish, Flexible, finger claws

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These are the same “Scott Paul” designed “Fearsome Fingers” used in the five finger set.

This two finger set can be worn in any way. Most common is on the thumb and index finger. Each finger is tipped with two very sharp stainless steel points. The expandable mesh webbing slides on easy but holds tight (like a finger cage). The fingers are flexible and comfortable to wear.

Use on bare skin or with thin gloves. Suitable for club wear (careful, they’re sharp) and can easily hold a glass or smoke. Each finger is tipped with a chrome cap. These “Scott Paul” designed fingers will steal the show and draw whimpers from the helpless. This two (2) finger set is shipped in a clear plastic tube that is good for storage. This is a two finger set. Two sizes are offered. Small/Medium ( S/M) and Medium/Large (M/L). Choose between Black or Pearl.

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