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The “Fetish Finger” is a sexy, stylish, wearable finger sleeve.

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The “Fetish Finger” is a sexy, stylish, wearable finger sleeve.
  This Scott Paul designed Fetish Finger is made from a woven stainless steel mesh braid. It is flexible, smooth, and comfortable to wear.
The Fetish Finger features a chrome cone cap, and a very sharp single curved claw. This Fetish Finger can be worn as a stylish accessory with any fetish outfit.  It looks great holding a drink, or a glass of wine. This finger claw works well for lightly writing on skin or held more firmly, can easily draw blood. The Fetish Finger is very sharp!
This Fetish Finger is offered in three sizes, medium, large and extra large. Size small is not offered at this time. (Note: The smallest size we are currently able to offer is a size medium. If you have small slender fingers, the size medium may fit too loosely for your fingers.)
This stainless steel finger is conductive, however the mesh design may result in occasional arcing to the wearers finger so be sure you have a tight fit if you are choosing to do any electrical play with it.  The mesh weave is like a finger trap, and expands a bit to grip nicely on most fingers.

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