Presentation Posture Collar (Locking Style)


The attention grabbing  Presentation Posture Collar.

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The attention grabbing “Presentation Posture Collar” is another unique design from “Scott Paul” This collar is stunning with any fetish outfit, or nothing at all. A wonderful look for both men and women.

The Presentation Posture Collar is created with a P.V.C. body and metallic Mylar edging. This collar is high on the front ( 3 inches) and sweeps down around the neck to a narrow locking strap. This collar is feather light, with a nice fit for extended wear.

This collar is available in high gloss Black, or Clear. With a choice of shimmering Gold or Silver edging. The Presentation Posture Collar has a small chrome ring attached to the front. This is a locking collar and includes a stylish chrome lock with 2 keys. Sizes are S/M ( 11 to 14 inch) And M/L (14 to 18 inch)


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