Sleek and Sexy Spreader bar.


The Scott Paul “Sleek and Sexy” spreader bar is a one of a kind design.

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The Scott Paul “Sleek and Sexy” spreader bar is a one of a kind design. This ridged spreader bar is built from strong and light anodized aluminum. The ends of each bar have a swivel chrome eye. These strong and stylish connection points are well suited too attach cuffs, collars, clips or rope. At the center is an additional chrome swivel eye. A handy point to grab with your finger, or attach rope, clips and bondage gear.

Each bar also has two black rubber grips. These grips are handy for twisting and controlling the spreader bar. As well as being a very sexy/stylish look.

The “Sleek and Sexy” spreader bars are available in both Black and Silver. Each spreader bar is available in two lengths. The shorter bar is 23 inchs total length, and the longer is 33 inchs total length.

All in all, this ridged spreader bar will be a wonderful addition to your bondage experience.

We also offer a very nice 3 piece adjustable, spreader bar in this same category.

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