Deluxe Suspension Style Leather Cuffs.


Unique design Scott Paul cuffs.

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These Suspension Style Cuffs designed by “Scott Paul” are sure to please with quality and style.

These suspension cuffs are built of top quality leather, and lined with thick 4 mil. fabric bonded Neoprene. This wet suit grade neoprene is ideal padding for the hand and wrist. The leather and neoprene wrap over a 3 1/2 inch wide stainless steel suspention D ring. This wrap provides a soft and sturdy grip.

These cuffs also feature the “Scott Paul” designed “Tear-Drop-Swivel- Eye” connection point. This unique eye swivels in a full circle, lays flat or stands out straight. This suspension cuff is sold in both locking or non-locking styles. The locking cuffs come with two chrome padlocks and four keys. The Scott Paul locking system has a unique post and buckle design. This allows the cuffs to be used without the padlocks being in place. The locking cuffs are $16 extra.

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