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T-5 Bar.

T-5 Bar.
T-5 Bar. T-5 Bar. T-5 Bar. T-5 Bar. T-5 Bar. T-5 Bar.
Product Code: HGS-023
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Price: $95.00

The T-5 Bar is an original  "Scott Paul" design for the rope bondage enthusiast! Hang your rope, your shears, or just a wicked cane from any of the five chrome swivel eyes, and your bottom will definitely pay attention. Designed to work with the popular "Humiliator" gag system, the T-5 Bar joins the many other attachments, to take your objectification fantasies to the next level.

 Designed to hold light lengths of rope, or other gear, the T-5 Bar is both functional and a form of predicament bondage. But you can use it for more - tie wrist cuffs to the side rings, ankle cuffs to the bottom rings, and you have a quick and easy "ebi" device!

 With a quick snap of the connector and a twist the rings can face up and help support the bottom's head and neck during a scene! Play safe and aware of the bottom's limitations and you'll find all sorts of delightfully wicked ways to use the T-5 Bar with the Humiliator Gag.