The Humiliator Gag.


This is the gag that started it all. The “Humiliator Gag”

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The “Humiliator Gag” is the original “Scott Paul” designed multi accessory gag system. This stylish and comfortable gag, has over 15 different accessories. Each one of the accessories is designed to “click” into the the receiver tube that is attached to the Humiliator Gag. This carefully designed gag may be worn comfortably for extended periods of time.

This gag features the “Scott Paul” designed “Half Moon” mouth bit. This well designed half moon bit fits the shape of the mouth and results in less jaw fatigue. The inside of the Humiliator gag is lined with top quality 5 mil. thick wet suit grade neoprene. This neoprene lining is soft and easy to clean. The strong neck strap features the “Comfort Slide Pad” This neoprene pad protects the skin from the buckle for more comfort during extended wear.

The accessory receiver tube is available in silver or black. The “Humiliator” gag is available in eather top quality Black Leather, or a non-leather (vegan) style of  high gloss black P.V.C.

The “Humiliator” Gag may be ordered in a locking or non-locking version. The locking style is $8 extra. The “Scott Paul” locking system has a unique post and buckle design, that allows the gag to be used without the padlocks being in place. A chrome lock with 2 keys is included.

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