The “Half Moon” Bit Gag


The “Half Moon Bit Gag” uses the same popular gag design found on the “Humiliator”gag.

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The “Half Moon Bit Gag” uses the same popular gag design found on the “Humiliator”. However this gag features the “Scott Paul” designed “Tear Drop Eye” that swivels around in a full circle, lays flat or stands out straight. The same swivel eye found on many of our cuffs and collars.

This stylish and comfortable gag may be worn for extended periods of time. The “Scott Paul” designed “Half Moon” mouth bit provides a firm and bitable surface. This popular bit fits the shape of the mouth and results in less jaw fatigue. The inside of the gag is lined with wet suit grade neoprene. This neoprene lining is soft and easy to clean.

The strong leather neck strap features the “Comfort Slide Pad.” This neoprene pad protects the skin from the buckle for more comfort during extended wear. The “Half Moon Bit Gag” may be ordered intop quality Black Leather or high gloss Black P.V.C. (vegan)

Both a locking or non-locking version is available. The locking gag is $8 extra. The “Scott Paul” locking system has a unique post and buckle design, that allows the gag to be used without the padlock in place. A small chrome padlock with 2 keys is included.

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