One-Way-Magic Blindfold


This is a unique blindfold experience.  A “Scott Paul” original design.

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This is a unique blindfold experience. A “Scott Paul” original design. The “One-Way-Magic Blindfold” allows the Dom/Top to clearly see the eyes of the sub/bottom. While the person wearing the blindfold can see only vague blurry shapes.

  Now the Dom/Top can watch the eyes or their sub. Know if they are paying attention, are terrified, looking around, crying, cringing. And all the while, the sub/bottom can only see unknown and blurry shapes.

  This is a fun and sexy blindfold. With many of the the same popular features found on the “Worlds Best Blindfold” Cupped eyes, double head straps, side mounted adjustment buckles. And a center mounted swivel eye, ideal for leading with a leash.

  The “One-Way-Magic Blindfold” has no liner, is light and comfortable to wear. Made of PVC it is water safe, and easy to clean.

 Now for the first time see what’s going on in the mind of your submissive.


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