Braided Metal Locking Collar. ( 3 styles )


A smooth braided metal locking collar.

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 This fine quality “Scott Paul” designed locking collar, is built from a smooth braided metal mesh. 3 styles are avalable. The classic Stainless Steel, as well as “Brass” which has a bright gold look, and also a darker rich “Copper”. This is a choker style collar, that is light weight, and very comfortable to wear.
  This Braded metal mesh collar features the unique “Scott Paul” hidden lock. This is a set screw type locking design, that is not noticeable while being worn. The locking device is quite attractive, and may be worn on the back or front.
 You may pick a size that fit’s the look you like. All 3 collar styles are avalable in 2 inch increments.
  The set screw lock is opened and closed using a small size Allen (hex type) wrench. 2 are included with the collar. One Scott Paul designed decorative key chain hex key. And one standard hex type key. A replacement hex key can be found at any hardware store. An extra set screw is also included, and If lost a new one can also be found at any hardware store.

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