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Body Claw

Body Claw
Body Claw Body Claw Body Claw Body Claw Body Claw
Product Code: Claw
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Price: $79.00

Your sub/slave will whimper :

When you take out this wicked "Scott Paul" designed Body Claw. 

 Everything about this unique claw is sexy and scary. It's molded out of solid smooth black nylon. It's extremely strong and rigid. It looks like some kind of 6 fingered alien hand. 

 It's handle is the same popular "Rubber Grip" style available on all our impact/spanker's. 

 Because this body claw is molded out of top quality, smooth nylon, it very easy to clean.

 We offer this claw with what seems to be the best all around sharpness. However, the 6 finger tips can be easily sharpened or dulled with any type of file.

 The total length is 10 inches. The finger tips are 4 inches wide.