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"Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag

"Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag
"Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag "Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag "Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag "Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag "Get-A-Grip" Style Ball Gag
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The Get-A-Grip ball gag is designed to fit the mouth in a unique way. This rubber ball has thick flexible fins around its circumference. These fins provide a space for teeth to fit between. Some people who have trouble wearing a traditional ball gag, find this style to be a better fit. 

This style of the "Get-A-Grip Ball Gag requires a "Quick Switch Neck Strap" ( sold separately )

The Get-A-Grip ball has an outside diameter of 2 inches, but the diameter at the base of the flexible fins is only 1 and 1/4 inch's. So this ball gag is not as large in use, as it might appear.

This ball gag is available in 3 color choices. Red, Black, or Lime Green.